About Us

Signature Solar has been providing high quality solar power, solar water heating, and solar pool heating in Sydney since 2009.

We are a small operator with a focus on providing tailored solutions that achieve the best outcome for your goals.

Whether it be solar panels for electricity, solar hot water, or pool heating, our aim is to provide solutions that are in the best interests of you, our customer.

Based in Sydney’s Hills District, we provide solar services in the Sydney metro region and have also completed installations as far as Newcastle and the Blue Mountains.

We are fully licensed and insured.

Solar Power

How It Works

Put simply, solar panels are installed on your roof and generate electricity.

The electricity it generates is DC Current and runs along cable from the panels to an inverter. The inverter will convert the DC power into AC power.

Once the energy leaves the inverter, it is fed into your home and will be used to power your home appliances.

If your home is consuming more power than what the solar is feeding to the home, then you will be importing some power from the electricity grid to make up the difference.

On the other hand, if your solar system is producing more power than what the home is consuming, then this additional power will be sent to the grid and you will receive a credit on your electricity bill for that.

The financial benefit is that you will be reducing your energy costs during daylight hours while also reducing your carbon footprint.

“Signature Solar were the most professional and informative of all the people I had quote on a system. Andrew listened to our requirements and was able to tailor a solution that was best suited to us. Exceptional customer service and great advice. Highly recommend Signature Solar to anyone looking for a quality installer.”
“Andrew from Signature Solar was great to deal with and always personable. There was never any pressure to sign and he was happy to answer all my questions. The installation was smooth and the guys professional and polite all the way through.”
“The installers were incredibly professional and polite, and they were neat and tidy in their work and took all the rubbish away with them”
Glenmore Park
“Andrew impressed me by behaving naturally, not trying to push or lure me into buying, not showing off, not denigrating competitors but calmly and confidently telling about the products (panels and inverter) that he proposed to install at our place”
“Andrew and his teams were 100% prepared, aligned and installed a quality product that we are so grateful for....Thank you!!”
Hornsby Heights
“The installation was neat and met our expectations completely. All in all, there was care shown in the outcome all the way through the job.”